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It has to be earned!

I recently started taking Niseido Ju Jitsu. The first thing I noticed is that everyone dresses the same. It doesn't matter your social status, your wealth or position in life, you all wear the same Gi. The only differentiator is the belt. Now the belt, you see, can't just be bought. It has to be earned. Respect is shown by how you have advanced in the ranks.

I recently witnessed a green belt test. It was 45 grueling minutes of memory techniques. The panel of three black belts closely watched every move with a critical eye. It didn't matter the background of the student. It only mattered that he had put in the time to pass the test. Then, and only then could he receive the next belt.

In this microwave society, we could use more lessons from martial arts. We should learn to show more respect. We should reward more based on effort and accomplishment. We should destroy participation trophies. I think the world would be a little better.

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